12 Best Affordable Men’s Jeans Under $100 in 2022

A guy needs a good pair of jeans. It’s the kind of garment that can make or break an outfit. That is why we often emphasize the importance of denim. Whether they are brand new or found in a thrift shop, the fit and finish are the most important aspects. Of course, well-made jeans often come with steep prices because of where and how they are made—specific needle stitching and the type of cotton that’s used. But it doesn’t always have to be that way.

If you want to invest in a great pair of jeans and have the scratch, you won’t regret it. But if you’re a “more is more” type of person, then stocking up on more affordable jeans is the answer. And the good news is that plenty of brands are now making some impressive pairs that you can get for well under a hundred bucks. Plus, there’s always the secondhand route—which not only saves you some money but scores you a pair that’s already broken-in and extra soft. I would suggest that if you’re going this route, get jeans in three different fits. A straight-fit with a higher rise that can be dressed up for the office, a slimmer fit that you can wear for drinks with friends and loose-fitting jeans that you can lounge around the house in or run errands. We’ve picked some of the best and most affordable jeans right now, so take your pick, and always make sure you try them on and that you’re happy with the look and feel—there are few things worse than ill-fitting jeans.

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