25 Stylish Plus Size Trench Coats That We Are Obsessed With!

One of my favorite aspects of fashion is breaking the rules and redefining how it looks and feels. You, as the wearer, get to decide and make the final decision. Style is all based on feelings and emotions.

What makes the trench coat classic is its simple silhouette and color. The belt and buttons are also important details with a trench coat. You can wear it with every outfit. I’m a firm believer that fashion should be effortless.

A trench coat is a staple piece. You can’t stay you are into fashion without one. It doesn’t have to be the basic double-dressed trench in the classic beige color. Trench coats can be exciting with texture, prints, fabric, and color.

Trench coats are such a limited piece because it doesn’t get much wear. It’s either too warm or too cold. This is the perfect item to be a standout piece. So let’s do some shopping.

25 Stylish Plus Size Trench Coats That You Need To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

The plus size trench coats that stood out for me were the organza, the red floor-length maxi, and toffee patent leather. These coats are stand out from the traditional trench coat. Any moment you get a chance to step out of the fashion norm, do it!

When shopping in stores, it can be challenging to find the features of a trench coat. These details below will take away the guessing game.

What are the features of a trench coat? 

  • A Belt is the #1 feature of a trench coat. If there is no belt, it’s not a trench coat.
  • Wide lapels
  • Double breast
  • Adjustable buckles around the cuffs
  • 3-6 Buttons
  • Pleated cape
  • Waterproof
Image: Fashion To Figure

The fabric is the easiest way to step away from the classic trench coat: leather, suede, organza, and fun prints. However, if you still want the traditional fabric, a change of color can do wonders. Go bright with reds, yellows, and multi-colors.

Let’s chat: Are you a fan of stepping away from the classic? Did you see anything that you have to have? Do you already have a stylish coat in your wardrobe?

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