3 Things To Know About Cleaning Your Air…

3 Things To Know About Cleaning Your Air Conditioner

If you have an air conditioner at home, part of the regular maintenance that you should be conducting on your unit includes making sure that it’s cleaned. So, if this is something that you haven’t done in a while or you’re worried about how efficient your air conditioner is in its present condition, here are three things to know about cleaning your air conditioner.

One of the first and easiest things you can do to help keep your air conditioner clean is to replace the filter.

Depending on the type of air conditioner unit you have, the way in which you’ll go about replacing the filter will vary. The type of filter that you’ll be using will also vary. So, before you go about replacing it, make sure you have the accurate filter ready to serve as your replacement. And before you take out the old filter, you should turn the power off to the unit completely, so you don’t have to worry about any kind of electrical issue while you’re working so close to this potentially dangerous appliance.

Once you have a clean filter in your air conditioner, the next thing you should look at is the outside or plainly visible parts of your unit.

Ideally, your air conditioner unit should always be visibly clean. If it isn’t, you can start by doing things like straightening out the fins on the unit, getting rid of any dust or debris on or around the unit, and cleaning off the evaporator coil. Depending on the exact unit that you have, the best ways to go about doing these things will vary. But to keep your unit running as efficiently as possible, it’s wise to make sure your unit looks clean and is being regularly cleaned.

Unless you’re very experienced with working on air conditioning units, there might be parts of the cleaning that you aren’t comfortable doing yourself. Along with this, there are parts of air conditioning units that are sensitive and that only those who know what they’re doing should attempt. So if you’re thinking that you want to have some of the inner workings of your air conditioning unit cleaned as well, it’s best to trust this type of work to a professional so that your unit can continue to operate efficiently and you don’t wind up doing more harm than good.

If you have an air conditioner at home that hasn’t been cleaned as often as it should be, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how to best clean and care for your unit.

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