A Santiago Couple Build Four Cabins—and a New Life—in Chile’s Lakes District

Leaving the bustling city behind, a psychologist and an engineer start over with a set of rentable retreats clad in reclaimed wood.

Gabriel Granda and his wife, Pamela, were in search of a different life. The engineer and psychologist lived in Santiago, Chile, and they felt exhausted from the give-and-take of sorting through work while carving out time for their private lives.

“We both had highly demanding and time-consuming jobs,” Gabriel says. “When our first child was born, we started looking for a place where we could raise a family in contact with nature.”

<p>&#8220;We are in a nature sanctuary, and we are all responsible for its protection,&#8221; Gabriel says. &#8220;In this sense, we promote sustainable tourism, which has the least possible impact on the environment and encourages respect and conservation of each species.&#8221; Reused larch shingles clad the exteriors of the cabins.&nbsp;</p> <p>Photo: <a href="https://www.dwell.com/@nicosaieh">Nico Saieh</a></p>
<p>&#8220;The exterior paths and balconies were designed on-site,&#8221; Chrismar says. &#8220;We wanted a direct connection to the landscape.&#8221;</p> <p>Photo: <a href="https://www.dwell.com/@nicosaieh">Nico Saieh</a></p>

In 2014, the couple moved to Puerto Varas, which is set within the lush forests of Chile’s Lakes Region, and began a new chapter at a slower pace. Four years later, with two kids in tow, Gabriel and Pamela were standing on the banks of the nearby Maullín River when they realized something simple yet significant: They wanted other people to experience the lives they felt privileged enough to have.

“The Maullín River is a protected area and a natural sanctuary, home to several bird species,” Gabriel says. “We fell in love with its purity, silence, and surroundings.” 

<p>Each of the three smaller cabins has a full kitchen.&nbsp;</p> <p>Photo: <a href="https://www.dwell.com/@nicosaieh">Nico Saieh</a></p>

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