“ALL WE HAVE LEFT” by coarse

Coarse solicits “ALL WE HAVE LEFT”; a sized 80cm(31.5″) long X 50cm(20″) tall self-balancing sculpture of painted resin, steel and acrylic, currently available for your procuring considerations. In an edition of only 5 pieces, enquire directly via email (info@coarselife.com).

“Handmade in our Los Angeles studio, this piece explores the disillusionment we face as we grow older. We begin to realize that the promises we believed in and the dreams we once had will never come true, but still we cling to them. Over time they weigh us down, and as the world tells us to move on we struggle to give in, grasping at the hollow hopes that got us where we are today …. As our grip tightens on everything that holds us back, a single question rattles through our heads: Should we keep holding on, or is it time to let go?”

“Balloons have been a motif in our work for many years, most notably in Buried Passion (resin, 2014), Fallen Hopes (resin, 2014) and our collaboration with Richard Mille for Pharrell Williams, Distant Bliss (resin, 2021). In all of these pieces, the balloons represent something internal and the unshakable, the parts of ourselves that we can’t leave behind.”

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