Am I a Candidate for Man Boobs Surgery

Am I a Candidate for Man Boobs Surgery


Man boobs, medically known as gynecomastia, are characterized by the overdevelopment or enlargement of the breast tissue in men. In some cases, the breasts may grow unevenly. This embarrassing condition is caused by hormonal fluctuations, certain medications, or an underlying health condition.

Aside from affecting your self-esteem, gynecomastia can also cause unpleasant symptoms such as tenderness and pain in your breasts which can significantly affect your quality of life. If you want to address this condition, you may consider man boobs surgery to achieve a more sculpted, masculine-looking chest. But before having this surgical procedure, it is important to know the requirements for man boobs surgery to determine if this is right for you.

You should have Excess Breast Tissue

Excess breast tissue, as well as fat in your breasts, can cause man boobs. In most cases, it is difficult to eliminate this condition even if you put too much effort into dieting and exercising. In fact, weight loss can make man boobs more noticeable. If your excess breast tissue is causing you pain and other physical discomforts as well as emotional problems, you are a good candidate for man boobs surgery. Whether you have puffy nipples or severe breast sagging, the procedure can help remove the excess breast tissue, resulting in a more masculine chest and improved self-esteem.

To know more about the procedure and how it can benefit you, it is recommended that you undergo a consultation. During this process, you will be provided with detailed and complete man boobs surgery details.

You should have a Stable Weight

To achieve the best clinical outcome, you should be within 30 to 40 pounds of your ideal body weight. Going beyond this range can compromise the results of the procedure. This in turn may require you to undergo another surgery to address your concerns.

Man boobs surgery combines liposuction and surgical techniques to remove the excess fat and breast tissue. However, with future weight gain, the remaining fat cells in your breasts can expand or increase in size causing your breasts to become abnormally large again. To maintain the results of man boobs surgery, you will need to commit to a healthy lifestyle by adhering to a proper diet and regular exercise.

You should have Good Skin Elasticity

The elasticity of your skin has something to do with the results of man boobs surgery. If you have highly elastic skin in your breast region, you will likely achieve a more masculine chest after the removal of the excess breast fat and tissue.

After surgery, your breast skin and tissue will begin to contract and settle as you recover. With the aid of compression garments, your breasts will normally adjust to their new contour. The pressure applied by the compression garments helps control swelling, provides support, and facilitates skin retraction. However, if you have poor skin elasticity, your skin might not be able to contract after the procedure. This produces poor cosmetic results.

You should have Realistic Expectations

During the consultation process, your health history and expectations will be carefully assessed to determine if the procedure is right for you. Some important things that you should keep in mind are the following:

· The procedure is recommended if you have abnormally large breasts that are causing physical and emotional discomforts.

· The procedure cannot prevent you from gaining weight so you will still need to commit to a healthy lifestyle following man boobs surgery to maintain the results.

· The procedure has risks and complications such as scarring, breast asymmetry, wound healing problems, loss of nipple sensation, persistent breast pain, bleeding, severe bruising or swelling, lump formation, infection, blood clots, and allergic reaction to the anesthesia.

· You will need to wear your compression garments religiously as the procedure will not produce instant results.

· You will need at least 2-3 weeks in order to fully recover from the procedure.

· The procedure cannot prevent the effects of aging on your breasts.

· The final results will depend on your healing ability, skin condition, and how you care for the operated area.

While man boobs surgery can effectively address gynecomastia, the procedure is not an ideal solution for everyone. Therefore, it is recommended that you undergo a consultation to determine if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure.

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