AMD, Intel, Nvidia Slow Hirings as Economy Falters

Prominent tech players AMD, Intel and Nvidia have been slowing the pace of new hires as a cost-cutting measure that’ll allow them to better weather the ongoing economic downturn. According to Planet3DNow!, who scoured open hiring positions available on all three players’ websites, there’s been a reduction in available positions at all three companies. This signals that they are trying not to increase their operating expenses in such a cloudy economic environment.

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AMD’s hiring reduction is easily the least significant, likely reflecting the company’s stellar Q2 results, which led to a 70% increase in revenue and locked approximately $447 million in profits. This is a company whose execution (since being helmed by Lisa Su) has placed it on a clearly upwards trajectory. And with such strong results, it’s not surprising that the company is focusing on capturing additional talent that will help it deliver in the coming years. 

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