AMD Preps SP6 Socket For Lower-Power EPYC ‘Genoa’ CPUs

To address different types of workloads and customers, AMD intends to offer its 4th Generation EPYC ‘Genoa’ and ‘Bergamo’ processors in two form-factors: SP5 for heavy-duty machines and SP6 for compact edge and infrastructure servers. Pictures of AMD’s yet unannounced SP6 socket have just emerged. 

Some modern servers must offer unbeatable performance and throughput no matter power, heat, and dimensions; others must maintain decent power consumption and relative compactness. Since different kinds of servers tend to have significantly different configurations and requirements, it makes sense to develop almost other platforms. For example, Intel offers Xeon Scalable for mainstream servers and Xeon D for infrastructure, edge, and telco servers. As AMD is grabbing market share from the blue giant, it is following some of its steps to diversify product lineups.

AMD EPYC Sockets

Name Pins Dimensions Max Core Count Max TDP
SP3 LGA 4094 58.5 x 75.4 mm Zen 3: 64C 280W
SP5 LGA 6096 76.0 x 80.0 mm Zen 4: 32C | Zen 4C: 64C 400W
SP6 LGA 4844 58.5 x 75.4 mm Zen 4: 96C | Zen 4C: 128C 225W

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