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It was forecast to reach 103 F yesterday (at 2 pm), and to be already 97 F at noon, right around the time our ride would end. So only myself and four other intrepid (or foolish?) souls showed up for our weekly ride. It turned out to be not too bad, we got a couple of hours riding in before it got overly hot. But we were definitely glad of the air conditioning at the cafe where we stopped for lunch. I had to ride home at about 12:45, and it was really hot then, but fortunately, it is only 3 miles and I had my electric assist bike. I find I do OK on a bike in the heat as long as I have plenty of water and the air temp is less than my skin temp, so evaporative cooling from sweating, combined with the breeze caused by the motion works effectively.

The owners of this ranch on Casa Loma Road rescue horses, including miniature breeds
Taking a break at Rancho Canada Del Oro Open Space, we were grateful for the shade

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