Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men and Women – 2022

Miansai Cuban Chain Bracelet

Cuban chain bracelet,
$125 by Miansai

For your home cook, this 8” blade is treated with nitrogen to retain sharpness for years.

Chef knife,
$99 by made in

HAY Waffle Bathrobe

Waffle bathrobe,
$80 by HAY

The Sill Philodenron Plant and Pot

Gotta love those heart-shaped leaves.

Philodendron plant and pot,
$38 by The Sill

MUHLE Chrome-Plated Safety Razor Travel Shaving Set

Chrome-plated safety razor
travel shaving set,
$186 by MÜHLE

maude Soaking Salts and Coconut Milk Bath Set

Soaking salts
and coconut milk bath set,
$32 by maude

NAADAM Cashmere Ribbed Beanie

Cashmere ribbed beanie,
$75 / $60 by NAADAM

OPINEL No. 10 Corkscrew Folding Knife

No. 10 corkscrew folding knife,
$35 by OPINEL

The Negroni by Matt Hranek

Give this along with a great bottle of gin.

“The Negroni: A love affair with a classic cocktail”,
$16.95 by Matt Hranek

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