Bored Ape Yacht Club MUTANT APE VINYL from Super Plastic

@superplastic has revealed a brand new MUTANT APE VINYL to drop “next week”, with this release being a “separate drop from the Mutant colorway that was offered before” (Source), which more likely would refer to the “MAYC toy” offered to BAYC members only Discord on May 13th / Source – of course all speculation on my end, cheers).

The Mutant ape that SuperPlastic’s MAYC vinyl figurine is based on is Mutant Ape #1590…. Mutant Ape #1590 is a six trait m1 black fur mutant ape with a gold grill grin, sunglasses, and a fisherman’s hat.” (

This figure comes after their successful release of BORED APE YACHT CLUB from April 2022. From a digital “NFT”-life to toylife, the evolution and crossing over of creations continue to fascinate me, within this all-encompassing ecosystem of art and pop culture, IMHO.

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