Cover Awe: Sunny Colors & Smiles

We have a very bright and sunny color palette in this edition of Cover Awe!

The Ballad of Hattie Taylor by Susan Andersen. The cover background is like a bright yellow weave. There is a center, cameo style image of a woman with red hair. The portrait is surrounded by bright wild flowers.

Cover design by Rita Frangie

Amanda: I think the reason I like this so much is that it’s so different from what we usually see in historical romance and historical fiction.

Sarah: It’s like a twist on the old cameo/castle/landscape/flower bouquet covers.

Carrie: The combo of the cameo and the embroidery and the background eye-catching yellow – stunning.

The Way You Hold Me by Elle Wright. A Black couple stands beneath a string of fairy lights. He is kissing her forehead and she has the sweetest smile on her face.


(but also if it was me I would have gotten rid of the lights behind the author name. It does literally nothing for the composition but fight with the text!!!)

Sarah: It crosses out her name!


Dair Devil by Lucinda Brant. A Georgian historical romance novel. A clinch cover, but everything is so bright and fresh. The couple is surrounded by greenery. He is wearing a bright red coat and she has on this bright yellow, golden dress with light green stripes.

Cover design by Sprigleaf and GM Studios

Cover models are Jamie Murphy and Guy Macchia

Amanda: The colors on this! It’s a nice departure from the more pastel, softer color palettes we see.

Sarah: HOLY WOW.

I can see that from down the street (except for the author’s name)

Elyse: Well that pops

Carrie: I’m torn between awe and snark. I love their tenderness. It’s nice to have a change from the same old colors as every other cover out there. But I am concerned that she might be radioactive.

Catherine: She looks like a wattle in full bloom!

(Boy, that was a bit Aussie of me. But that yellow is a real wattle colour, just gorgeous.)

The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner. The outline of a vial in yellow. The cover is a deep purple. Around the edges are flowers in pink, blue, and yellow with a cobalt butterfly.

Cover design by Kathleen Oudit

From Deb: Isn’t this cover absolutely stunning. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I want to read the book just because I find the cover so lush and appealing. I also think I’m going to use it as an inspiration pic to dye up some yarn. That deep blue with the pops of color around the edges…so gorgeous. I just had to share.

Sarah: You’ll get my attention every time with cobalt and violet. Every time.

Tara: Now I want to know if any of those flowers are deadly.

Amanda: It’s just as beautiful in person. CAN CONFIRM.

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