David Beckham Releases Own 45 Minute Workout That Will Destroy You

David Beckham is celebrating the end to Britain’s lockdown 2.0 with a fitness flex you might expect more from a British backpacker in Bondi than an international sports star. Promoting one of the biggest fitness brands this turn of the century – F45 Training – Beckham recently (and figuratively) joined group exercise enthusiasts all over England in exalting The Pursuit Of Sweat.Taking to Instagram yesterday, the football legend posed inside an F45 Training studio, writing how good it is to be back after the near month-long lockdown. Legs and arms on show, grey vest slightly sodden with sweat, the 46 year old posed in front of the F45 logo, captioning the post: “So good to be back with the @f45_training community.”

David’s wife Victoria Beckham has also been giving fans sneak peeks into the couple’s home bound workouts over the last month, filming “shirtless husband David getting stuck in at the gym,” with exercises like handstands, The Daily Mail reports.This also comes amid something of a fitness revolution, in which – in countries like Australia – boutique gyms and group fitness studios are becoming the new nightclubs of 2020.As DMARGE reported earlier this year, in 2020 you’re more likely to find flashing lights, sweaty bodies and banging beats at 6am at a gym than a discotheque.

“With fewer Australians partying late into the night, early morning gyms now have a larger potential customer pool to draw from.”

The upshot? After for years being mocked for being ‘cultlike’, boutique gyms like Crossfit and F45 may now get the last laugh, as more everyday Australians turn to them for a sense of purpose, community and socialisation.Though countries like England, where David Beckham currently resides, are struggling to control Covid 19 as effectively as Austalia, when they get to the point Down Under is at, it doesn’t stretch the imagination too much to think the same “gyms are the new nightclubs” phenomenon could happen there too.If it does, the English may have much to look forward too. As Andrew Blake, co founder of Co Houz and a member of Virgin, told DMARGE earlier this year, he has noticed a lot of new people this year at his gym, which brings a “fresh vibe” and has led to inspiration, new friends and even some new business clients.

“The gym has always been a second nightclub; the healthy nightclub. You can really see what a person looks like at the gym, [rather] than a dark night club.”

“Plus you can sweat with a towel, [rather] than sweaty balls in jeans on the dance floor of a night club…”DMARGE also spoke to Michael Jordan, CEO of 12RND Fitness, a fitness studio with clubs all over Australia.Mr. Jordan told DMARGE that in the states that have reopened “there has been a significant uptick in new members and a very strong reactivation of existing members.”Another element to the attraction, Mr. Jordan posits, is that – unlike nightclubs – gyms allow you to kill two birds with one stone, boosting your health and socialising all in the same breath.“With Covid-19 causing a reduction in social gatherings at sports clubs, churches and pubs, gyms are becoming the ‘third space’ in people’s lives, other than home and work, where they can get a regular in-person social connection. Our members come to have a laugh, and catch up with their fellow members who are also driven to improve themselves, while having a good time while doing it.”“This is a big appeal in a society that has a greater focus on health – so you get two really important things in your life (social connection and improved health) from the same place.”

On that note, F45 Training’s Chief Athletics Officer, Nathan Mago, spoke to DMARGE earlier this year around the importance of community to F45.“At F45 Training we know the importance of community and this flows from HQ all the way through the studios. Team Training is at the very core of F45 and we strongly believe in making our workouts for all different types of people – no matter their age or fitness level.”“All of the equipment is ready to go with different weight options, you can see the movements on screen and our trainers walk everyone through all of the exercises before class, so even if you’re new to HIIT training – we can get you started. Our trainers are highly skilled and can modify any of the exercises to suit any injuries or limitations, and can also do 1:1 consults to assess each member’s fitness goals. From there we can make a plan with our members to get them on track to where they want to be.”

“Even during lockdown, all of our studios jumped onto virtual workouts with their members to keep them active and maintain that community connection. This really resonated with our members and now they’ve come back strong, motivated and really excited to get back into the studio to be part of that Team Training atmosphere. There’s something about the in-studio vibe that helps you push a little harder in your workouts and enjoy the sessions, and this is why our members consistently see great results.”An F45 representative today told DMARGE David Beckham “has been training with F45 for a few months now.”When asked why Beckham chose F45 to exercise in after the lockdown ended the spokesperson told DMARGE, “David was training with us before lockdown and has been loving it, so naturally when gyms reopened in the UK yesterday, the first place he went was to his local F45 studio.”As for the aspects of training Beckham struggles with most, the representative refused to be drawn, commenting, “That would be a question for David however he looks like he is in elite shape.”Motivated? Whether or not you’re an F45 member, it might be time to make like Beckham – and start that workout.

Watch how to get lean like David Beckham below

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