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Do I Need Both Detectors?

Most states require detectors on every floor of a building, including specific areas such as bedrooms, hallways, garages, and more. In some areas, you’re only required to have a smoke or CO detector, but in other areas you’re required to have both. That’s where combination alarms come in handy. This one alarm can detect both smoke and CO to save you time, space, and money without losing reliability. It’s also a good idea to have all of these detectors work in tandem so that when one is triggered, it triggers the other alarms. This way, you can be alerted no matter where you are in your house.

 Make sure to keep a close eye on your property’s smoke and CO detectors. Taking some extra precautions can help make for a comfortable and relaxing holiday season this year and the years to follow. Need help finding which system is best for you? Give us a call at 1-800-624-4488, or visit us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest, and stay safe!

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