Dino Gangsters – Mini OG by Spawnmax x Aegistoys

Taiwanese artist Spawnmax is expanding the reach of the Dino Gangsters universe with the debut of the first vinyl mini figures from Aegistoys. The first OG color set features the prehistoric trio of House Barkley (Brachiosaurus Bartender), Mike T.Rex (Boxing King) and Robert Vito (Triceratop Boss). Not extinct but evolved, these three continue their run of the streets in their new smaller form.

The Dino Gangsters – Mini OG vinyl art toy set (T.Rex and Triceratops: 2.76″, Brachiosaurus: 4.33″) is available via international lottery from Monster Taipei for NT$3600 ($130) until Sunday (1.2) at 4 AM PST. To enter fill out the online form.

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