Enter to Win Bonanza TurboTraffic for the Holidays!

It’s that time of the year again: we’re having our TurboTraffic Raffle! We want to help you take advantage of the traffic increase during the holiday season so we’re giving ten lucky sellers a free TurboTraffic pack to get things rolling. Just leave a comment below and you will be automatically entered into our raffle; it’s that easy!

Since people shop online for most items year-round, TurboTraffic packs are effective anytime, but they work best during the busiest shopping season – can you say, Black Friday? Cyber Monday? The entire month of December?

The holiday season offers more bang-for-your-advertising-buck because shoppers are urgently purchasing gifts and are more likely to convert into sales. Make sure you have your listings set up for search optimization for the best results. 

TurboTraffic packs are one-time “booster packs” you can purchase to double or triple your shopper traffic for a short period of time (usually a few days). Typically, TurboTraffic purchased via an individual pack will start within 24 hours of purchase. You can even purchase multiple packs so that they run back-to-back and continue to drive traffic to your booth.* Any individual TurboTraffic packs you purchase will activate once your current TurboTraffic (associated with your membership benefits or a previously purchased TurboTraffic pack) expires. TurboTraffic packs cost $24.95 each. Find more information about our TurboTraffic Packs

  • Advertise to millions of shoppers and elevate your item visibility on Google Shopping.
  • When you make a sale, we use your seller fees to extend your TurboTraffic further.
  • You choose how to spend your budget and which items to advertise.


*TurboTraffic is a digital service. Digital services are non-refundable

Comment below by Tuesday at 5 pm on Nov. 23rd to be entered to win TurboTraffic!                                                                         

Wednesday morning, I will notify the ten lucky winners and activate TurboTraffic in their booths. In the meantime, get a start on this busy shopping weekend and pick up a TurboTraffic pack to boost your sales!

Black Friday Deals

Sellers who participated in our community sale saw some great results last week! Don’t forget to remove the coupon “BonanzaHolidays2021” from your booth. While you’re doing that, why not keep the momentum going with a Black Friday coupon? Learn how to create and use our seasonal marketing coupon template, Black Friday Special. On average, you are 7 times more likely to sell to an existing customer than to acquire a new one. What better way to reach out to past customers and encourage them to shop with you during the holidays than by sending a customized coupon directly to their dashboard?

If you need more information about TurboTraffic and our Marketing Campaigns, please contact us at [email protected] Happy holidays from all of us at Bonanza!

Raffle Closed 11-23-2021 5pm

Here are the ten lucky winners of the TurboTraffic raffle: 

Beautyrec , Sedona_Antiques , personalized_gifts , mschacha , Sinrex , ATG_Coins ,

tammiestreasures , Elena_Golub , Blitz_Boutique , petencharlie34


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