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Today we’re visiting with Eric Sternfels.

I’ve submitted photos several times before from my personal garden in Northwest Philadelphia (Summer in Eric’s Garden). Here are some photos showing my increasing passion for Epimedium varieties , which have an amusingly wonderful collection of common names: Fairy wings, barrenwort, horny goat weed, and bishop’s cap—quite evocative imagery all.

small orange flowers next to a plant with orange foliageEpimedium × warleyense ‘Orange Queen’ (Zones 4–8) is growing beside Heuchera ‘Caramel’ (Zones 4–8) and Corydalis lutea (Zones 5–7).

small pink and white flowersEpimedium ‘Pink Champagne’ (Zones 5–8). Despite their delicate appearance, epimediums are durable plants and are known for their ability to thrive in dry shade.

Epimedium Pink ChampagneAnother shot of Epimedium ‘Pink Champagne’

light purple and white flowersEpimedium ‘Lilafee’ (Zones 5–8) has wonderful lavender flowers.

white and light pink flowersEpimedium ‘Domino’ (Zones 5–8) is known for producing huge numbers of delicate pink blooms.

dark foliage plant next to a buddha statueEpimedium ‘Asiatic Hybrid’ (Zones 5–8) sits next to backyard Buddha. In this variety, the beautiful leaves make a bigger statement than the flowers.

small white flowers with bright green foliageEpimedium wushanense ‘Starlite’ (Zones 5–8) has pale yellow flowers and spiny leaves.

brick garden path lined with plants in springA view of the early garden with its serpentine brick path. Beyond the new leaves just emerging on the purple smokebush (Cotinus coggygria, Zones 4–9) are blooming Stylophorum diphyllum (wood poppy, Zones 4–9), Hosta ‘Golden Tiara’ (Zones 3–8), and Hakonechloa ‘All Gold’ (Zones 5–9).

dark purple tulipsThe final photo is from Ned Wolf Park, where Eric does a lot of work creating beautiful displays like this one, where dark tulips complement and contrast with the surrounding foliage.


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