F.H. Cann & Associates Shares How To Dress For…

F.H. Cann & Associates Shares How To Dress For Success (Even When Working From Home)

People’s perception of others formed at first impression is made within a few seconds of seeing the person. Thus, before you get a chance to speak, an impression is made already.

Appearance forms a very important part of how you would eventually be judged, thus it is important that what we wear represents how exactly we want to be addressed.

More than impressions made on others, dressing also has an effect on our mind and how we perceive ourselves. People who dress better tend to act with more confidence.

These underscore the importance of dressing for appearance and also to improve our personal performance in what we do. With this, dressing is definitely important for in-person work and also remote work.

With years of successful experience with numerous clients and employees, the team at F.H. Cann & Associates shares some tips on how to be best dressed to deliver optimally.

Wear fitting clothes

Whether in a physical conference or a virtual seminar, or simply working alone from home, it is important to wear clothes that fit. Clothes that fit let you feel comfortable and move and work without hindrance.

Being comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing would allow you to be more effective and focused on the work at hand. Asides being comfortable, they should be form-fitting to a reasonable extent. In formal settings, loose outfits tend to look untidy.

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Dress for the season

To work efficiently, your choice of clothes has to be made with the weather taken into consideration. Similar to how clothes should fit in size so you can feel comfortable, the type and texture of what you wear also have to match what would keep you feeling normal in any particular season.

Asides how they make you feel comfortable, dressing according to the weather also makes you appear reasonable and fashionable.

Dress for the event

While working from home, there’s a tendency to do away with all forms of formality that usually comes with being physically present at the office. This mentality, however, should not creep into dressing for virtual official conferences or meetings.

The regular tone of the meeting should be maintained, and your dressing should not contradict. This is even more important for physical events, your dressing should be in sync with what is traditionally worn to such events, or where there is a dress code, it should be followed.

Your clothes should match your equipment

The same way meteorologists do not wear green because it would affect their presentation using a green screen, you should also take note of any disturbance that can arise from wearing certain clothes and using the equipment you use and avoid such clothes. For video conferencing calls, wear camera friendly colors.

Also, clothes with high contrasting stripes tend to have a strobe effect on camera that makes it appear as if the stripes are dancing every time you move. This can distract people watching, hence for video calls, such should be avoided.

With two decades of experience, F.H. Cann & Associates has lots of information on proper workplace practices. Contact us to read more similar articles or for services on providing contact center, financial recovery, loan servicing, and business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions.

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