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“Did you see that?”

“See what?”

“The lights just flicked.”

“They did?”

“Well, I think so. Maybe not. Maybe it’s just me.”

(time passes)

“Did you see that?”

Sometimes it’s almost imperceptible. And may make you think you’re going crazy, but if your lights are randomly dimming or flicking, it’s time for investigation.

It’s actually quite common for lights to dim or flick . . . determining and rectifying the cause ranges from easy fixes to calling in the professionals. Let’s look at a few of the more common reasons.

The simplest solution is to just check your bulbs. Are they seated properly in the socket and screwed in tightly? A quick twist is often the trick to solve the flick. If that doesn’t work, read on.

If you recently upgraded your lighting, say installed new dimmers or lightbulbs, check first to make sure that all the components are compatible. If you upgraded to new LED energy-saving lightbulbs on an existing dimmer switch, that is very likely your problem. Dimming technology for LED bulbs is different from the technology to dim incandescent bulbs. Upgrade the dimmer to a compatible product and you’re back in business, flicker-free. Check the Dimmer Compatibility PDFs hyperlinked under Brochures and Spec Sheets for your components on to ensure they’re made for each other.

Another likely culprit, over which you have zero control, is an issue with your power supplier or its power grid. If you’ve experienced recent storms or high-demand electrical usage due to a heat wave or cold front, place a call to your electrical supplier. They may have a plant or two offline to complete repairs or maintenance. This call could save you hours of time and hundreds of dollars having an electrician hunt through your circuits for nothing. Power companies today often advise of these issues via automated text messages or posts on their websites or social media pages. Be sure to sign up for these free notifications so you are always in the know.

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