Freak injury leaves umpire bloodied after Mike Trout bat break

There’s been no shortage of freak injuries in the sports world, but rarely do we have something where the odds are beyond calculation. On Tuesday night home plate umpire Nate Tomlinson had to be taken to the emergency room after Mike Trout’s bat broke, flew directly backwards, and struck him between the mask.

Tomlinson was bloodied in the incident, but avoided any serious injury. The moment happened during the top of the 9th between the Angels and Dodgers. Trout took his swing, and on contact the bat sheared off, sending it spinning toward home plate at the exact height and angle to enter the eye slit of the umpire’s mask.

Initially there were concerns the broken bat may have made contact with Tomlinson’s eye, or potentially that the official had sustained a concussion — prompting him to be taken to the emergency room for evaluation.

After several tense moments and Trout in disbelief by what had happened, everything appeared fine. This was just one of those absolute freak incidents that could happen again, but the odds say they probably never will.

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