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This HaBO request is from author Delphine Dryden, who is scouring the earth for this historical romance:

Big fan, long time reader, first time HABO applicant.

This one has been driving me nuts for years, because the one scene I remember from this book is my second favorite sexy glove-removal scene of all time (the favorite, of course, being Dain’s removal of Jessica’s glove in Lord of Scoundrels). I would love to read the book again…if only I could remember what book it came from.

The scene I recall involves a glove removal during a typical courting drive in an open carriage, probably in Hyde Park. The glove in question is green; I believe it was pale green embroidered with roses (the description stuck with me because it reminded me of the line from Gigi where the titular character says she’d like a Nile green silk corset with pink rococo roses embroidered on the garters).

I’ve searched a few Loretta Chase books, a lot of Sarah MacLean, some Eloisa James, and a little Meredith Duran…plus others here and there. I wouldn’t rule any of those authors out, though. Based on my general predilections, it is most likely a book set no earlier than the Georgian era and no later than the late Victorian, which I realize doesn’t narrow it down much.

Help me, Bitches, you’re my only hope!

Can we track down the sexy glove scene?!

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