Hasbro, You Have A Responsibility To Make Man-Babies Happy

It’s time for another man-baby exposition on finishing up The Ninety Six! Click through for more.

Hasbro – and I beg this of you – PLEASE finish up The Ninety Six, so I can put this now-awful IP behind me altogether. We did all the legwork for you, and there hasn’t been an O96 announcement in quite some time.

I know the main cast from A New Hope isn’t even remotely on your radar, and I also know that a lot of your tooling from The Legacy Collection and Legacy Collection eras is missing or damaged. But you have a ton of amazing digital sculpting from the 6-inch figure line that you can repurpose into some extraordinary 3.75-inch renditions of the best Original Trilogy characters. Besides, many of these characters are worthy of getting new designs instead of repacking them.

With all the hard work done thus far to get closer to completing The Ninety Six, we have an alarming distance to travel when you add up how many we’re short.

I understand The Mandalorian’s popularity, but you must keep the George Lucas-era of Star Wars active and focused. I don’t see enough love from this period in the Star Wars saga. Can you please do what is needed to get more characters out, even if that means from the Prequel Trilogy?

I am proud that you have admitted, as evidenced by your lack of new toys, that the Sequel Trilogy is not worth the dirt caught in your sneaker treads. So Godspeed on that. But you need to find or create slots to get the OT goodness back into the line with more regularity, and not just as frustrating Walmart exclusive action figures either.

Oh, and more Genndy Tartakovksy characters, please.

Just remember, the man-babies have the money. And you need money for your line to be a success.

And thank you.

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