How to Get a Domain Name and Web Hosting Service

There is a process to go through to get your domain name, your web hosting and get these things together.

Visit a Domain Name Registrar

A popular service to use is Go Daddy. While most web hosts offer a free domain name with the package you want to buy your domain name elsewhere. If you have a problem with your web host and decide to leave with your domain name registered elsewhere you just change the DNS, Domain Name Server.

However if your domain name is with the web host things may not be so easy. The web host may be very slow to change, they may go ahead and keep charging you, they may cause problems. Unfortunately these are situations that have happened, not to say it will in your case. Since this is YOUR website, a policy of better safe than sorry is always advisable.

Choose a Web Host.

You want a service that allows you to have unlimited domain names, 24/7 support, and cPanel, one of the most popular control panels. You will probably want one click installation as well, which will make installing your favorite script easier. Make certain your script, WordPress, Joomla, or whatever is offered. You also want 99% or more availability or uptime. Once you find a service you like, use the order or sign up now button.

What about the free Domain name?

Most hosts will offer a free domain name. You can get a variation of your name and have it refer to the domain name you previously bought. Alternatively you could just tell them you already have a domain name and choose existing domain name. You do not want to transfer registration, just get instructions for transferring the DNS.

The Next Steps

On the next few forms they will give you instructions to follow. They will ask for you name, address and eventually billing information. Typically the longer your agreement the less you will wind up paying monthly.

After you register

When you are done with registration with the web host and paid them, you will be sent an email. It is very important that you keep this email. Most likely you will get two emails. One will have information about the company, such as who to reach in an emergency, what number to call for service and some instructions.

Then you will receive an email with your DNS. This is the address to give your domain name, so it can exist on the web host server. Follow the instructions per that email. Both of these emails are very important so you will want to put them into a file online or print them and put them in a file offline.

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