How to Save Disk Space in Raspberry Pi OS and Purge Bloat

There is no getting away from bloat. Be it the middle aged spread or the ever increasing size of applications. But how can we battle the bloat on our Raspberry Pi? You could install the many lighter Raspberry Pi distros (Raspberry Pi OS Lite, or Diet Pi for example). But what if we want to reduce our running installation?

Linux uses package managers to install and remove software packages. Software is downloaded from official (or third party) repositories and the package manager handles the installation of the software and its dependencies. For Raspberry Pi OS, we use the Advanced Packaging Tool (APT) as the OS is a derivative of the Debian OS. Using the apt tools we can add and remove software packages, but how can we surgically remove the packages causing the bloat? Linux has the tools to identify and list the packages, ready for us to trim the fat.

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