Ice Erosion Muckey by Instinctoy x Pop Mart

The upcoming Ice Erosion Muckey art toy set is the latest collaboration between Instinctoy and Pop Mart. The set includes the Ice Erosion Muckey, a Half Ice Fluffy mini and a removable ice base. The Ice Erosion concept sees the popular Muckey and the newly-created Fluffy partially frozen with their prismatic rainbow fur transforming (‘eroding’) into light pink translucent ice. The visual effect (not to mention the technical wizardry involved) is mesmerizing. The special FX continue with the surprising addition of an internal red GID feature to the top half of Muckey and what appears to be the left side of Fluffy. And yes, each figure is partially filled with pastel colored ‘balls’. That’s a long-winded way of saying this is a very special collaborative release.

The Ice Erosion Muckey art toy set is scheduled for release later this month—more info soon.

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