Instantly Improve Your Hair With These Salt-Infused Sprays

Karekare Tonic

The best for thin and thinning hair

This tonic by Triumph & Disaster uses epsom salt that balances the pH point of your hair and soaks up excess oil from the scalp (which can lead to problems for people with thinning hair). The addition of sea beet extract and willow herb reduces scalp irritation and prevents oxidative stress which weakens and thins hair. A few spritzes of this revives dull hair and adds texture plus a touch of shine.

$30, by Triumph & Disaster

Sea Mist

The best for sensitive skin

Herbivore’s coconut and aloe-infused spray has the same salinity as the Pacific Ocean, which creates a great texture when using as a styling product on damp hair and revives hair that’s been crushed by a hat for too long. The all-natural, vegan formula is gentle enough to spray right onto your skin, so if you have sensitive skin or a dry scalp, this is the spray for you.

$20, by Herbivore

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