LilyGO T-PicoC3 Combines RP2040 and ESP32 in a Single Board

As soon as the Raspberry Pi Pico, and its RP2040 microcontroller chip, became available back in January 2021, people have been integrating it into many different form factors, some of which include tiny IPS screens. The newly available LilyGO T-PicoC3 takes this trend to its inevitable conclusion by combining the RP2040 with another microcontroller – the venerable ESP32 – and a screen. It also, as pointed out by CNX Software, makes use of some very clever USB technology. 

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Pinout for the LilyGO T-PicoC3

(Image credit: LilyGO)
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LilyGO T-PicoC3

(Image credit: LilyGo)

This is the C3 version of the ESP32, which features a single-core 32bit RISC-V CPU up to 160MHz, 400 kiB of SRAM and 384 kiB ROM, 22 programmable GPIOs, and importantly Wi-Fi 4 and Bluetooth 5LE, both of which are missing from the RP2040. The Raspberry Pi chip features the usual dual-core Cortex-M0+ MCU with 264 KB of embedded SRAM, plus 4MB of flash storage. The tiny screen is a 1.14-inch full-color IPS LCD Display (via an ST7789V SPI controller) with a resolution of 240 x 135 pixels. 
Whether the two chips communicate with one another, is unclear, but if possible then it could offer another means to get the RP2040 involved with Internet based projects.

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