Medieval II Total War Is Great Place For Medieval Helmet Research

Creative Assembly’s most recent game is Medieval II: Total War. This game was rated very high by many reviewers and gamers, and rightly so, as the game has a lot to offer both in game play and historically. Gamers can learn a lot about the different types of medieval helmets in this game be paying attention to the graphics and unit types in the game.

First of all, there are over a hundred unit types in MTW II. So, as you can imagine there are many helmets to sift through and analyze. You’ll play as one of the 12 or so factions available in the game, and each one has 12 or so unit types. Some of them overlap, but most units are going to have unit helmets. The game gives you the advantage of zooming close to the battle field, so you can see up close and personal the type of armor and battle dress the soldiers wore back then. Creative Assembly is known for doing their historically research so they can implement it in the game, so you can be assured that the helmet and armor are as accurate as can be. There are many types of helmets that you can learn about. For example, there are many knight medieval helmets that are used in the game. The crusader helmet, sugar loaf helmet, northern sallet type helmet, and much more. Even the German Maximilian helmet makes an appearance. In the Scandinavian factions, you can see all sorts of Norman nasal helmets. In the Middle East factions you can see variations of nasal helmets with chain mail covering the back.

So how do you use all of these graphics to your advantage? Look at the medieval knight helmets in the game, and then look at the unit type name. Do a quick search on Google and you’ll be able to find out more about that helmet in terms of description, as well as get a real life picture of it.

Source by John R Hilde

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