myplasticheart @ NYCC 2021: Avocado & Watermelon Dinocats by Rato Kim

With NYCC 2021 (10.7 – 10.10) a little more than a week away, myplasticheart is starting to reveal its lineup including two new tempting Dinocat ‘flavors’ from Korean artist Rato Kim. Whether you like your fruit savory or sweet, mph has you covered with the Avocado and Watermelon soft vinyl Dinocats. The Avocado edition rises to the top of the menu, just ahead of the refreshing Watermelon edition, by cleverly turning the Dinocat’s head into the avocado pit.

The NYCC 2021 Dinocat Watermelon and Avocado edition soft vinyl art toys (3.5″) will be available at NYCC exclusively from myplasticheart’s booth (#1749) for $55 each.

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