Natural Shell Pride by Tomokazu Matsuyama x AllRightsReserved

NYC-based Japanese artist Tomokazu Matsuyama has collaborated with AllRightsReserved on his first-ever wood sculpture. Natural Shell Pride translates Matsuyama’s pristinely executed, majestic imagery with a unusual 2.5D design. The sculpture of a flamboyant rider and horse features several flat wood layers linked with connecting rods. Partially duplicated layers on the left and right convey a sense of depth and also symmetry when in motion.

As the name hints, Natural Shell Pride has a curious egg-like base. A slight push brings back memories of a childhood toy, as the horse moves back and forth rhythmically without tipping over. At just over two feet tall, the sculpture in motion promises to be quite the sight.

A numbered edition of 75, the Natural Shell Pride wood sculpture ( 24.4″ Hx 17.32″ W x 9.84″ D) is available for HK$62,800 (~$8003) via lottery from the DDT Store until Sunday (6.19) at 9 PM PDT. Each sculpture comes with a signed/numbered certificate of authenticity. The sculptures are expected to ship in October 2022.

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