The Art of Photography (Digital Photography Book 2)


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THE ART OF PHOTOGRAPHY is Book 2 of the Digital Photography Series. It is a highly illustrated guide to camera settings, composition guidelines, and sources of inspiration.
Learn how to move from snapshots to works of art. In this second book of the DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY SERIES by Al Judge, the focus is on artistic presentation and pleasing images. Learn from the experience of others.

  • What are "Typical" camera settings for popular types of images?
  • What factors make some images more appealing than others?
  • How do you find your source of inspiration?
  • How do other photographers view there art? What inspires them?
  • What equipment do you need for better results?

˃˃˃ Until now, Al Judge has written books to enhance your technical photographic skills. Now it is time to use that knowledge in a more artistic way.

This is Al’s first book that relies on some previous knowledge of Digital Photography. That foundation was established in Book One of this series Mastering Digital Cameras. That knowledge is used to move effortlessly to more artistic images.

Digital cameras have advanced so much in the last decade that anyone can get a few great images by simply pointing at a scene and pushing a button. The joy and excitement comes when you learn to plan your images to convey an emotion or feeling and do it successfully.

We all know pleasing images when we see them, but few people understand why those images are so appealing. Art is unique to every person, but there are certain rules or guidelines that seem to be hard wired into the human brain. In this book, you will learn about the Rule of Thirds and other widely accepted artistic concepts.

˃˃˃ Learn from other photographers!

The chapters of this book are separated by two page articles about the work of eight different photographers. These photographers range from highly-acclaimed world-renowned professionals to pure amateurs. Regardless of perceived success, they were invited to participate in this venture because their images are inspirational and beautiful. The amateurs prove that you don’t have to be a professional and own thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment to produce great images. The professionals help us to see what is possible with dedication to the art. All of these Featured Artists love photography and it shows in their work.

Why wait any longer, scroll up and grab a copy today for the price of a cup of coffee.

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The Art of Photography (Digital Photography Book 2)


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