Vevelux Photography Lighting Kit 8.5 x 9.8 ft Adjustable Photo Background Stand & 95W 3000-5500K Softbox Umbrella Dimmable Lighting System with 3 Backdrops (White/Black/Green) and Remote Controls


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Softbox Size: 20’x28’/50×70 cm
Stand length: 6.89 ft/2.1 m – 2.79 ft/0.85 m
Weight : 4.8 kg

Softbox x 2
Umbrella x 2
95W LED Light Bulb x 4
Flip Lock Support Stand x 2
Rotary Knob Support Stand x 2
Cross Bar x 2
White Backdrop x 1
Black Backdrop x 1
Green Backdrop x 1
Spring Clamp x 4
Backdrop Clip x 4
Remote Control x 4
Power Wire x 2
Carrying Bag x 1
Operating Manual x 1 

Please dry the stand after use, and store it in a dry place.
Please remove the protective cover on the top of the tripod when
installing the stand. After installing the crossbar, screw it back to its
original position.
Please adjust the color temperature first and then adjust the brightness.
The remote control of the softbox lighting system does not contain
batteries, please purchase by yourself
Please iron the backdrop with a steam iron before use
Please keep the backdrop away from fire.
The clamps are strong and powerful, please use them carefully.
The sandbag is empty, please fill it with sand or any other material to
increase the weight.
📸 【ADJUSTABLE BACKGROUND SUPPORT STAND】 The height of the 100% steel backdrop stand is 9.84 ft/3 m – 2.72 ft/0.83 m, and the length is 8.53 ft/2.6 m – 5.35 ft/1.63 m. The photography stand is very strong and durable that can carry 11 lbs/5 kg without wobbly. It is designed to be simply installed and disassembled in a few minutes with one person. When is closed, the tripod is only 2.36 ft/0.72 m, and the crossbar is only 2.79 ft/0.85 m, that can be stored in the carrying bag to save space.
📸 【ALUMINUM ALLOY LIGHTING STAND & ROTATING LIGHT HEAD】 The height of the adjustable aluminum alloy stands, which are max 6.89 ft/2.1 m – min 2.79 ft/0.85 m is light, durable, stable, and can avoid rusting. The tripod stand is designed with flip lock for easier adjustment and locking than the traditional rotary knob. The softbox light head can be rotated 210 degree, and the E27 light sockets head can be rotated 180 degree. The length of the cable is 2.8 m, which can move freely in studio.
📸 【PHOTOGRAPHY LIGHTING SOFTBOX & UMBRELLA KIT】 The 20’x28’/50×70 cm softboxes are made of nylon fabric and reflective aluminum coating, which could minimize the loss of light and reflection performance. The softbox cover cloth make the light become softer and brighter. The 33″/84 cm white translucent umbrellas can soften, broaden, diffuse the light and weaken shadows. Manually adjust distance between light bulbs and umbrellas to get the best light for perfect shooting.
📸 【95W 3000-5500K DIMMABLE TRICOLOR LED LIGHT】 Each 95W LED energy saving light bulb, which has 62 light beads inside with the heat sink, have longer life and better light. The color temperature of the LED lighting system can be adjusted from 3000K to 5500K, and it has 3 light modes: white, warm, cold. The bulbs have a wide brightness dimming range from 1% to 100%, and can be turned on or off by two remote controls(batteries are not included) in the product from up to 10 m/32.8 ft away.
📸 【100% POLYESTER FABRIC BACKDROP SCREENS】 The 6 x 9 ft/ 1.97 x 2.85 m backgrounds are made of 100% polyester fabric, which are non-reflective, no color cast, no fading, no pilling, lightweight and portable. They can be ironed with a steam iron no more than 150 degrees Celsius and washed by machine. The 7 cm rod pockets in the top make the background cloth not slip down from the stand and allow the screen to be seamlessly drapes down. All edges are processed to prevent material tearing.
📸 【8 BACKDROP CLAMPS & CARRY BAG】 4 backdrop clips keep the photo video background tight and reduce wrinkles. 4 spring clamps prevent the photography backdrop from slipping off. The background screen can be directly hung up or taken off the photography support stand within a minute by using clamps. The oxford cloth carry bag is large enough for whole kit components. The photography system kit can be taken anywhere easily and stored conveniently by using the bag.
📸 【PACKAGE INCLUDED】 The package includes Softbox x 2, Umbrella x 2, 95W LED Light Bulb x 4, Flip Lock Support Stand x 2, Rotary Knob Support Stand x 2, Cross Bar x 2, White Backdrop x 1, Black Backdrop x 1, Green Backdrop x 1, Spring Clamp x 4, Backdrop Clip x 4, Remote Control x 4, Power Wire x 2, Carrying Bag x 1, Operating Manual x 1. If the product does not meet your expectations, please contact us 24 hours a day, we will provide professional customer service to ensure your satisfaction.

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Vevelux Photography Lighting Kit 8.5 x 9.8 ft Adjustable Photo Background Stand & 95W 3000-5500K Softbox Umbrella Dimmable Lighting System with 3 Backdrops (White/Black/Green) and Remote Controls


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