PROFIT From the Past – Public Domain Product Sales Are Making HISTORY!

Selling Public domain products is very BIG business today – the problem is not everyone “GETS IT”, as we are all a bit pre-occupied with the modern methods of doing things – creating digital products & videos of our own, using modern day technology – we have perhaps overlooked the power of “public domain” products…

So, what is the public domain?

Well, a basic overview would be – The public domain is content created prior to 1923 (this varies in different countries, please check eligibility before downloading content to use commercially). It basically is content where because of its age – the copyright, if it existed, has now expired.

Now, I can hear people thinking “Who cares about Victorian Locomotives?” or “Who is going to be interested in Making the Perfect Chicken Coop?”.

Believe me, you would be surprised.

Strange as it may seem, even in this Internet fuelled world of Social Networking & Internet Marketing, Public Domain Information is still very much ALIVE and in DEMAND… and above all, it’s FREE!

All you have to do is take a good look on eBay, to see the many Public Domain products being sold on there, many of which are selling extremely well, because although we are all living in this WONDERFUL Digital age,, people LOVE HISTORY and still have one foot in the past…Memorabilia ROCKS!

What are Public Domain Products? – They are products, derived from prints, drawings, photographs & books from a past era, and then turned into eBooks, CD’s & DVD’s to sell. Most of this valuable content has already been transferred to a PDF format so that they can be easily downloaded and transferred to CD’s, DVD’s etc and turned into themed products to SELL.

One of the most popular public domain sites to get as many free books as you want, most of them in PDF format is at Gutenberg or Project Gutenberg as it is often referred as.

So, whether its “A History of Horseracing” – “Castles of a Bygone Era” – Victorian Motorbuses” or “Building An Outhouse for Beginners” – there is a massive catalogue of VALUABLE information available just waiting for YOU.

It is virtually unlimited – Our fathers & forefathers (and our mums) have left us this wonderful legacy to Love, Enjoy and RACK UP PROFITS FROM! (LOL) – now you can create hundreds, if not thousands of products for FREE, transfer them to CD’s & DVD and sell them on auction sites like eBay or even on your own website or blog…

Source by Keith Everett

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