Properly Contributing to Forums

One of the best places to find information or the World Wide Web is the message forum! There are tons of forums on the internet that cover every sort of topic you can think of. Most forums are free to join and members develop great relationships with one and other that last forever. A forum owner hopes the best for their forum and a part of their hopes is the hope for great content. The forum member is the one who can help provide that great content. You can be one of these members who contribute valuable information to a forum!

Before you post on a forum, you want to make sure that your post has some form of engagement meaning. This means that the post should continue the discussion in one way or another. You might want to contribute an answer to someone’s questions or a question to someone for further answers. It is always good to quote other members of a discussing to engage them in more talk. You should post all the details that you can so people don’t have to ask more questions to understand what you are trying to say.

A lot of forum members make small comments that do not amount to anything such as “Wow! That is really useful” and then they do not get a response back. The members are not trying to be mean to the member who posted the short response; they just have no method of responding back because there was nothing to respond back to. We in the forum world call this a one-liner response and sadly it usually ends the topic after it happens. A lot of one-liner responses are usually associated with members who are spammers and some forums have rules against making such replies. Basically, if you don’t have a lot to say that will not contribute to the discussion, you are better off not saying anything at all.

One of the things I suggest to my forum members is to actively participate in the discussions. I suggest they look for questions they know the answers to and answer them with a lot of detail. I tell them to post new topics often to create new discussions that are not found anywhere else on the forum. I encourage my forum members to be as active as they can. When a member posts really good content, I tend to give them a lot of attention. The attention makes them feel worthy and they keep returning to post more valuable contributing quality content.

If you want to be seen as a forum asset on any given community, just join and be really active while posting awesome discussions that engages everyone on the forum! You will be well liked by everyone after doing this for a while.

Source by Shawn Joseph Gossman

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