Razer Blade 15 Debuts a 240 Hz OLED Laptop Panel

Razer will add a fast, vivid new display option to its Razer Blade 15 laptop lineup later this year: an OLED QHD display with a 240 Hz refresh rate According to Razer, this is the world’s first laptop to feature this particular 15.6 inch 2560 x 1440 pixels fast refresh OLED display panel. Razer is pitching the new display for photo and video editing, watching movies, or playing AAA games – at both creators and gamers alike.

Readers should be pretty familiar with the current Razer Blade 15 lineup. We reviewed one of the 2022 configurations of the Blade 15 only last month. This new model with OLED QHD 240 Hz display has similar specs to the one we had in the labs, with a few minor but higher spec changes, in addition to the display panel change.

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