Reader Question – The book about the Hero that shows up on her wedding day at the altar so she doesn’t marry her fiancé…

Nicola is also looking for this book! Oh boy I guess this is a “speak now or forever hold your peace” moment!! 😀 Short and sweet but I think this scene she describes is intense enough for someone to remember and know exactly what she’s looking for.

She asks:

Hi a book came up on my instagram page this week, but can’t remember the title.

They meet at a restaurant when the h is on a date with somebody else. They have sex.

6 years later it is the h’s wedding day (think her fiancé is called Chris…) however  when she gets to the altar it is the H from 6 years ago as he can’t let her marry the Chris guy as he isn’t a good person.

Would really like to know the book.

Anyone have a guess?

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