Reader Question – The book about the rock star that gets called out as a fake, because he has so many plus size fans due to his songs…

Yvette is looking for this one! Okay I totally read this!!! Or I totally remember this synopsis ’cause he was a total fake. Gah!! I could probably search my own blog and find it either in the releases/recommendations list, or my own review. And with a premise like this, and how much I totally think I read this, I’m pretty sure I read this.

First thought that comes to mind is “Groupie” by Ginger Voight (and the first thing that comes to mind is that she’s his assistant or something? Or maybe a groupie, but she’s plus sized and didn’t “look like” your typical model-rock star girlfriend… and he struggles with that at first.) This book was pure emotional angst and fury!! LOL! Here’s my Book Review.

But no… I know the one she’s talking about is even MORE obvious (in regards to what a fake he was with his song lyrics vs. his actual preferences)… so PLEASE. HELP US!! LOL!!!

She asks:


So I read this book a few years ago and I’m usually pretty good with keeping track but I cannot find this book on my tablet, computer or my bookshelves, please help!

From what I can recall… The book is about this plus size girl living in LA, she does like the behind the scenes postings on Twitter and IG for celebrities, I believe.

One of the celebrities happens to be dating this other celebrity girl and they get into a fight and the girl blasts him for dissing on big girls, when he has so many plus size fans because of his songs.

I remember that they get the plus size girl to fake date him to help his image.

I remember a scene where they are playing football with her friends, who happen to be plus size as well, and she gets hurt and she ends up staying with him because she can’t climb up and down her stairs. She lived above an Asian restaurant, I believe and was friends with owner.

Even though he likes her as a friend he still fat shames her and pretty much is an asshole a few times.

Spoiler **I recall at the end of the book she and her friend buy and open a club and he performs there to try to win her back.**

I remember this book so vividly but for the life of me, I can’t recall the title or author!! And I really want to read it again!

Anyone have a guess?

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