Restyling This Mannequin- It’s Not Pretty

I think today’s mannequin falls into the category of you win some, you lose some. I saw a disconnect between this skirt, sweater, and booties but nothing I tried helped, at least on me.

The fact that I had a hard time even getting a clear picture of this mannequin should have made me move on:)


When you go into battle with something that will never look right on you, you’re just not going to win. A brave woman knows when to admit defeat and I admit it here. My flat shoes aren’t much improvement over the booties, but at least they went with what I wore into the store.


To switch things up a bit, here’s what I see wrong with what I tried:)

The skirt is about 4″ too long for me. My shoes need to have a much lower throat so the top of my foot shows which would help my legs look longer. But hey, the color isn’t bad with the skirt.

The v-neck top on the left is too long and completely obliterates any chance I have of showing waist definition. The top on the right is too full in the shoulders for me and makes me look top-heavy with this thin, slim skirt. I love the jacket, but not with this skirt or either top.

Would you wear this skirt?


Have a great one ladies and remember there are some things that will just never look good on you so don’t waste your time. xo

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