Start Home Based Internet Marketing Business With eBooks

First off an eBook is just a book that can be read on your PC or other eBook reader device. It is a digital file, and may be an .exe but normally a .pdf; the .pdf file can be read by the free acrobat reader that most people already have on their PC’s. These factors make it ideal to start home based internet marketing business with.

Your eBook should include your marketing message and several links to your website; this is a proven technique in viral marketing. The method uses the multiplication effect to “explode” the distribution of your message by willing participants.

The same idea was used by Hotmail to get established. When the founders set up their free email system, all the messages that were sent by subscribers had a text message at the bottom which identified Hotmail as the origin. People who sent emails to their friends advertised the free email site.

Using viral eBooks as a marketing method is cheap. It doesn’t take long to set up and it’s even quicker if you use rebrandable eBooks that have been written by others. Just use your favorite search engine and do a web search. You will find many rebrandable eBooks that are available on whatever subject you are interested in and that apply to your e-business. One method of distributing the eBook is to offer it to visitors in exchange for subscribing to your newsletter. If they pass it on to their friends and family it will promote your business for you.

eBooks are capable of reaching a large audience and are limited only by the enthusiasm of the participants.

eBooks are fairly easy to create. It’s possible to produce your own eBooks by combining articles that you have written or have gotten from public domain sources, such as directories.

A common approach is to use material that has Private Label Rights, (You have the Right to change it, Reword it and make it your own) including articles and reports that have been written specifically for that purpose, for that niche. Using a portion of a larger work that you have prepared such as the first three chapters of a large eBook could also be used as a viral eBook.

The best PLR material may include much more than the eBook, such as the salespage, a website, articles, keywords, advertisements and everything you need to get started.
Reworking the PLR material can be fun and is a great way to start home based internet marketing.

Source by TK Edwards

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