Strawberry Broccoli Salad (w/ Poppy Seed Dressing!)

This strawberry broccoli salad is tossed in a homemade poppy seed dressing for the ultimate summer salad. Enjoy as a side or a main dish!

Strawberry broccoli salad in a wooden bowl.

Super Fresh Strawberry Broccoli Salad

This strawberry broccoli salad with poppy seed dressing just tastes oh so FRESH. From the combination of fresh veggies, fruits and herbs, to the amazingly light lemon poppy seed dressing, you can’t go wrong serving this salad to your family and friends!

Why you’ll love it!

Taste the rainbow: this vibrant salad isn’t just colorful, it’s super nutrient rich and flavorful!

Homemade poppy seed dressing: you’ll love our easy-to-make homemade poppy seed dressing 😀

Perfect as a side or a main: Serve this as a main dish on its own or as the perfect BBQ side.

Ingredients for strawberry broccoli salad on a cutting board.

Featured Ingredients

The ingredients for this strawberry broccoli salad come down to two components. The salad and the dressing, of course! You’ll need:

Broccoli Salad

  • Broccoli: this salad features fresh broccoli chopped into bite-sized pieces.
  • Red onion: we love using a mandolin to thinly slice the red onion for this salad.
  • Strawberries: you’ll also want to thinly slice your strawberries — strawberries in every bite!
  • Raisins: raisins add great flavor to this strawberry broccoli salad! Feel free to use another dried fruit like craisins or dried cherries.
  • Fresh mint leaves: roughly chop your fresh mint leaves to infuse this entire salad with its amazing flavor.
  • Pecorino romano: white cheddar cheese is a great alternative if you prefer it! You’ll be chopping it into small cubes.
  • Toasted slivered almonds: any toasted chopped or slivered nut will do. 

Homemade Poppy seed Dressing

This homemade poppy seed dressing is best made in a jar with a lid. Make a double or triple batch for later! You’ll need:

  • Olive oil
  • Plain, nonfat Greek yogurt
  • Lemon juice
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Honey
  • Poppyseeds
  • Salt

Don’t want to make your own dressing? Any store-bought lemon poppy seed dressing will also work for this recipe.

Homemade poppyseed dressing

try it!

Homemade Poppy Seed Dressing

You’ll absolutely love our homemade poppy seed dressing. Use it on this strawberry broccoli salad, and so much more!

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Ingredients for strawberry broccoli salad in a large wooden bowl.

How to Make Strawberry Broccoli Salad

Prepare veggies & fruit

First, slice your broccoli into bite-sized pieces and then place in a large salad bowl with red onion, strawberries, raisins, mint leaves and cheese. 

Prepare poppy seed dressing

Prepare the dressing (if making our homemade poppy seed dressing) and then pour the dressing over the broccoli and other ingredients, and toss the salad so that all of the ingredients are coated. 

Toast almonds

Next, toast the slivered almonds in a small skillet over medium heat. Move the almonds around with a wooden spoon and cook them until golden brown. Sprinkle the almonds and salt over the broccoli salad and toss the salad again. 

Chill salad, then enjoy

Cover the salad and place the salad in the refrigerator and let the salad chill for 1 hour. This salad gets better over time, so feel free to make the salad the day before serving 😀

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Strawberry broccoli salad topped with poppy seed dressing.

Top Tips for Strawberry Broccoli Salad

Make ahead: This salad gets better with time as the flavors combine, so feel free to make it the day before serving.

Tenderize the broccoli: Because broccoli florets are a hearty vegetable, we suggest cutting the broccoli into bite-sized pieces and let them sit in dressing for an hour or overnight.

Poppy seed dressing: Don’t have time to make your own poppy seed dressing? Feel free to use your favorite store-bought variety.

Strawberry broccoli salad in a wooden bowl.


Store this strawberry broccoli salad in an airtight container in the refrigerator for 3-5 days.

When you are ready to eat your leftovers, try tossing your salad in a bit of additional poppy seed dressing if you find that the salad has dried out a bit.

For meal prep: We love that this salad gets better overnight, so feel free to make a double batch to enjoy throughout the week, or at the very least prep it the night before serving.

Strawberry broccoli salad in a bowl.