The Art of Picking: Girl With A Pearl Earring by Po Yun Wang x Mighty Jaxx

Are you picky? If so, then Po Yun Wang’s irreverent, lightheartedly crude take on iconic characters might just be what you’re digging for. For his next nose-picking parody, Wang continues his sendup of fine art with the The Art of Picking: Girl with A Pearl Earring vinyl art toy by Mighty Jaxx.

Immediately recognizable, Vermeer’s celebrated, sublime painting becomes something far less serious. With a finger firmly planted in her nose, Po Yun Wang’s take features the blue and yellow turban and of course, the pearl earring(s). As with the previous ‘picky’ figures, this one has four swappable hands: peace gesture, regular, seashell compact and old-school flip phone. Pearl Earring is the second figure in the Art of Picking series, following the OG Mona Lisa figure. It also follows Po’s Picky Eaters series. For more on the new figure, check out Mighty Jaxx’s interview with the artist.

An edition of 200, the Art of Picking: Girl with A Pearl Earring vinyl art toy (7.5″) will be available on Saturday (7.6) at 6 AM PDT from Mighty Jaxx for $149 as a preorder with an expected shipping date of January 2023.

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