The Faceless HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnets Headset

With Apos Flow Cable Too

HIFIMAN chose to be discreet with their Ayra Stealth Magnets headset, the only branding is an H on the adjustable headband and a tiny Arya written at the top of the ear cups, which is the next thing to no branding at all compared to many of the competitors products.  The Stealth Magnets also fit that clandestine design aesthetic.

HIFIMAN’s Stealth Magnets are planar magnetic drivers, designed to be as acoustically transparent as possible, hence the name.  They have been used in their $6000 Susvara in the past, the $150 Arya headset will share DNA with that implementation though perhaps not quite as impressive.  TechPowerUp really liked this headset, especially the mid range response however they also appreciated the bass thanks to the amount of air the diaphragm moves, perhaps not enough for the true bass lover but still impressive for this level of headset.

Take a read through if you are looking for a good set of reference headphones with open-back over-ear ear cups as well as a look at the Apos Flow Cable, which might not improve audio quality but are significantly more flexible than the stock cable. 


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