“Thank you for coming to my rescue.”
“Thank you for coming to mine.”

The Fastest Way to Fall was our first book by Denise Williams and we loved it! A great mix of humour, sweetness, swoon, with a poignant storyline and wonderfully relatable characters. A slow-burn romance with a wonderful message about body positivity, for anyone who’s struggled to find their place, for those of us who have struggled with their weight, or for those who have not yet learned to love themselves, this is a story for you.

Despite its light-heartedness and cartoon cover, this book touches on some important issues. Though not at all a dark read, the story does deal with self-love, trial by social media, drug addiction, and eating disorders, but as we said, the author deals with these in a light, but no less important way.

‘I never wanted someone to have the ammunition to make me feel like that again.’

Parts of this story really struck a chord with us, and we related to it in so many ways, as will a lot of our fellow readers. So relatable was it, that by the end, we were not only cheering on Britta, but we were also cheering on ourselves, such was the way the author beautifully told Britta’s story.

Editorial assistant Britta Colby dreams of being a journalist, to share her thoughts and refreshing take on her battles with the world. Britta is a natural, she’s honest, open, and had a wonderfully funny self-deprecating humour. Although Britta is basically happy with who she is, she endures the judgment of others because of her weight.

‘She said she was embarrassed to go to the gym like thin people would judge her and fat people would think she didn’t like herself?’

Pitted against her colleague Claire, to document her journey with a fitness and wellness app, Britta discovers, not only the power she wields within, but she meets the gorgeous, sweet Wes Lawson. Now, every girl needs a Wes to spur her on! If he was our trainer, we couldn’t help but succeed with his encouragement and positivity. The sky would be the limit on what could be achieved if you had a Wes in your corner.

‘Britta’s kiss was like her smile – it made me feel invincible.’

Britta and her refreshing honesty soon struck a chord with many online followers, who take the chirpy Britta to heart. Her talent for writing what’s in her heart is a runaway success, but the stakes are high between Britta and Claire.

Wes Lawson is a man battling his own demons. There is so much vulnerability beneath his sunny veneer, and we couldn’t love him more! So much lies beneath the CEO of the hugely popular FitME App.

“I promised I’d catch you.”

The friendship between Wes and Britta was so sweet, and their love, a wonderful slow burn as both Wes and Britta take an introspective look inside themselves. What a fabulous read! We were there every step of the way, cheering Britta and Wes to the finish line. It certainly moved and motivated us, that’s for sure!

“For the record, you’re actually kind of great, Wes.”
“You’re pretty great too, Britt.”

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