‘She makes me a better man.’

For anyone who fell in love with the Off-Campus Series, you were no doubt as excited as us about this catch-up Novella collection of some of our favourite characters. It’s three years post-Uni, they’re 25 and life is throwing out some challenges. We knew what to expect: a wedding, a proposal, an elopement, and a surprise pregnancy…but which couple was going to experience what? We couldn’t wait to find out!

‘She’s honestly my favorite person in the whole world.’

This fun and sometimes frustrating addition to the fabulously sweet, spicy sports romance series featuring Logan and Grace, Tucker and Sabrina, Dean and Allie, and of course Hannah and Garrett were a welcome return to the Briar U crew.

‘It’s almost pathetic how much I love this girl. How much I crave her.’

The Off-Campus blokes have lost none of their swagger and confidence (and hotness!), with their group chats providing many laugh out loud moments which really took us back to how we felt when we read the Off-Campus series – it was fun, entertaining, and yes, a little frustrating when we felt some drama was introduced for drama’s sake.

“Who says I don’t want to marry you?” I tip my head in challenge. “Don’t you dare pretend we’re not forever.”

We loved these guys in their committed relationships dealing with the pressures of ‘moving forward’ onto the next stage in their lives. We would have been thrilled to have been afforded a glimpse further into the future, MORE of Tucker with his little girl Jamie would have been fabulous. The fleeting interactions between these two melted our hearts – we couldn’t get enough!

If you want a proper giggle and you miss the Off-Campus characters, you’ll want to read this book! The camaraderie, the friendship, the banter, the love, and the passion these guys have for their women hasn’t waned at all. They still manage to tickle our funny bone whilst making us swoon at the same time!

‘She was the first person who helped me find some kind of peace with my past, and it’s with her support I’ve found my way to the courage to confront it.’

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