The Perfect Shower – Men’s Grooming Plan

I take my showers and baths pretty seriously. There’s something about the ritual of cleansing that I really respond to. It’s soothing and solitary—allowing me time to focus on myself, get lost in thought and literally wash away the past. Whether you shower first thing in the morning, late at night or after the gym, it’s one of the few tasks where even the least wellness focused men will indulge in a little self-care.

And while there’s not much to say about showering (it’s pretty basic, right?), there are ways to optimize and get the most from your time under the spray. Especially if you’re a morning shower person like me. This isn’t about taking a longer shower. The average American already showers for a little more than eight minutes, utilizing 17.2 gallons of water everyday. This is about being more efficient and effective. The result is that you’ll look and feel better by the time you towel off.

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