Tom Brady’s hole in one video is proof he’s good at everything

It’s sometimes infuriating how good Tom Brady is at life.

Brady, who is waiting to start another successful NFL season before he leaves and becomes the highest-paid broadcaster of all time, decided to unwind with a little time on the links. Naturally he’s incredible at that too, and when a drone was used to capture a tee shot of course he hit a hole in one. That is, assuming it’s totally real and not fake.

We all have that one friend who is seemingly good at everything, but gosh it must be infuriating to be friends with Tom Brady. I bet you can’t do anything with this dude without him embarrassing you. Play darts? He’ll dominate. Go bowling? He’ll score 300. Go out for drinks … Tom will avoid them while making you feel terrible for drinking and shame you for consuming sulfites.

Either way, Brady is just seemingly great at everything and we need to accept it. At this rate he’ll probably leave broadcasting in five or six years and win the PGA Tour.

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