Toy Run Tuesday #138 – Glendale Toy Show

Good day to you, toy runners. Today I bring you a report from a local toy convention that was held in Glendale, AZ. There were plenty of toys from just about every line you can think of, vintage and modern. I ended up not buying any new Star Wars figures though! I’m at a point in my collection where I am very satisfied with what I have from past releases. I buy what grabs my attention now.  See anything here that grabs yours?


The Toy Fair was especially busy this time around, despite not having quite as many vendors as the last time I went. I took some photos of some of the Star Wars figures I spotted. There were plenty of loose figures in bins, black series, and expensive carded vintage figures.

The vintage Kenner scout blaster has always been one of my favorite pieces. It’s out of my price range, though, so the recent Nerf scout blaster had to fill that void. I’m a big fan of the Star Tours droids, but I had all of those. 

At the end of the day, after the toy fair, and visiting some of the Phoenix area toy stores, I went away with a Transformer figure, and a couple fantasy figures. Kevin Costner’s shirt will be used for a custom Little John in true 4″ scale. 

Please share with your fellow collectors your new toys from the last week! Thanks for reading!

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