Tyrion Lannister’s Wittiest Lines From ‘Game Of Thrones’

Game of Thrones was iconic. When the series hit our screens back in 2011, people couldn’t stop talking about how good it was. And Lord Tyrion Lannister, the witty and intelligent dwarf played by Peter Dinklage, quickly became a fan-favourite character.

Mainly because of Tyrion’s dialogue; he shared many incredibly wise quotes over the course of the show as well as hilarious ones. And with Game of Thrones’ prequel, House of the Dragon set to be released in just a few weeks, we’re curious whether there will be a character as that’ll be as beloved as Tyrion.

We’re betting no (but are hoping we’ll be proven wrong). While we all wait to see if House of the Dragon lives up to the bar Game of Thrones set, we thought we’d share Tyrion’s best quotes.

When Tyrion gives Jon Snow some solid advice

Image Credit: HBO

In the very first episode of Game of Thrones, Tyrion tells Jon Snow:

“Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armour and it can never be used to hurt you.”

When Tyrion burned Janos so badly he needed ice

Lord Janos, in Season 2’s second episode, yells that he will not have his honour questioned by an imp but Tyrion doesn’t let the slur bother him. Instead, Tyrion comes up with one of the best responses of all time:

“​​I’m not questioning your honour, Lord Janos… I’m denying its existence.”

When Tyrion introduced democracy to Westeros

Image Credit: HBO

We know that the Game of Thrones finale wasn’t all it could’ve been but Tyrion still managed to impart wisdom one last time and essentially, ended the titular game of thrones:

“Sons of kings can be cruel and stupid as you well know. His will never torment us. That is the wheel our queen wanted to break. From now on, rulers will not be born, they will be chosen, on this spot, by the lords and ladies of Westeros to serve the realm.”

When Tyrion clapped back at Joffrey

Image Credit: HBO

Tyrion always put King Joffrey in his place. And when Joffrey called Tyrion a “little monster” in Season 3, Episode 10, Tyrion had the perfect comeback (as he often does):

“Monsters are dangerous and, just now, kings are dying like flies.”

When Tyrion aptly describes himself

Image Credit: HBO

In the second episode of Season 2, Tyrion simply drops this truth bomb about himself and it’s incredible:

“That’s what I do, I drink and I know things.”

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