Use a Reverse Phone Directory to Find Out Who Really Just Called Your Spouse and Stop the Lies

When your spouse tells you that it was just a friend calling or that it was a wrong number when you know that it was not, I am sure it drives you up the wall. Trust me, I know the feeling. I used to hate getting these excuses, especially because I felt like I was being played out to be a fool most of the time. And you know what? I was. That was until I took some action to find out the truth, which is what I want you to do. If you want to find out who really just called your spouse then you need to use a reverse phone directory. Here are a few other things you can try to stop the lies and find out who is calling.

Get a response

When your spouse gives you another one of these excuses, then what I want you to do is try to get some form of a response. For example, when he or she says that it was a friend then ask “Oh, yeah, which one,” or when they say it was a wrong number then say “Tell me what the number was because I think I may have been getting calls from the same one.” If you notice some kind of hesitation then you know that they are lying, but they will be forced to give you the number if you ask. As the very least you can look it up later and see who it is, something I am guessing they think and hope you will not do, but we both know better.

Ask people you trust to keep an eye and ear out for you

Talk to friends or others that will be around your spouse to listen out for you. Just say that you think your spouse is hiding something from you and you want to get to the bottom of it. Chances are that your spouse will be dumb enough to use their cell phone and call the other person while they are not around you, but around other people like your friends. If they feel that you are not around and that no one is paying attention, then they will most likely trip up. Your friends could very well be all that you need to catch them and see who they have been on the phone with.

Once you have tried these two methods then just take the phone numbers that your spouse has been calling off of their phone, and visit a reverse phone directory. Find out exactly who is calling and put a stop to the lies – visit a reverse phone directory today.

Source by Hale E. Vabeech

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