‘That’s what it was all about, wasn’t it? To love someone madly and deeply, you had to put it all on the line and trust that the person wouldn’t break you.’

When Wrecked Meets Ruined is the fourth book in the fabulous Lost Stars series by Emery Rose, and it’s one of our favourite finds. Each book is in dual POV, telling us the story about each McCallister man and his rocky road to love. So far, we’ve met Jude (When the Stars Fall), Brody (When the Storm Breaks), Jesse (When We Were Reckless), and now it’s bad boy, talented future footballer, Ridge McCallister, the younger brother of Brody.

‘We would either save each other. Or destroy each other.’

When Wrecked Meets Ruined is a story of bad timing, young love, suffering, bravery, and loyalty. The unyielding supporting family bonds which carry through each book is the thread that weaves the Lost Stars series together, and it’s one that draws us back each time. We adore this series! Each book has been emotional, angsty, swoony, and really pulls at the heartstrings.

‘He’d stolen something he had no right to – my privacy. My pride. He saw more than I’d ever wanted him to, and I had no intention of giving him another chance to see more.’

Evie Bellamy is a fighter, a survivor, and a girl who has had to grow up way beyond her eighteen years. The daughter of a drug addict, tied to Cypress Springs, a place she’d sooner escape, is vilified by her peers for her home life, and carries the responsibility of her two-year-old sister, Wren. Evie loves her sister and would do anything to hide their deplorable home life from little Wren.

‘Damaged people recognize each other. I think I must have seen it from the first time I ever laid eyes on him.’

Eighteen-year-old Ridge McCallister has seen a lot in his young years. The murder of his best friend, the loss of his mother to a drug overdose, and living in squalor for most of his life. Given a lifeline from his long-lost 36-year-old brother Brody, Ridge has the chance of a real future as a professional footballer. If he can keep his temper, drinking, and partying under control that is. Brody wants his brother to have the life he deserves and was denied for so long.

‘I looked at him over my shoulder. A fallen angel with messy hair, the body of a Greek god, and a face that could break hearts with just one look.’

The meeting of these two lost tortured souls sees Ridge and Evie form a bond, which flourishes as the summer progresses, but bad timing, miscommunication, and devastating circumstances see their lives upended and their relationship at risk. Can these survivors triumph in the biggest test of all?

‘I wanted to fix her. Put all her broken pieces back together.’

Emery Rose takes us on an angsty and heart-wrenching journey from first soul-deep love, through the ups and downs of maturity, about believing in yourself and learning you are good enough, that you’re worthy of happiness. A beautifully written soulmate story that spoke to our hearts and once again elicited an array of emotions as we became so invested in these wonderful characters. Now we’re DYING for the mysterious Gideon’s story that’s for sure!

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